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We have been in the online adult business for about 10 years - with lots of success I must say. We have touched all aspects of the adult industry and we acquired knowledge in the paysite game, mgp/tgp (traffic game) and the conversion game. We have decided to take all this knowledge and put it towards the creation of a truly unique affiliate program.

The Recipe to success in this industry is really simple.

The important factors that differentiate a program that fails and one that succeeds are the same as in any other industry out there. The product must be a winner to start with, else it will not sell no matter how good the marketing is. The presentation( tour) must point in value the product and introduce the content to the surfer in an appropriate manner. The Rate of returning customers must be high in order to succeed in the long term, and there must be a large amount of tools available for promotion in order to avoid market saturation. We have put together all these elements successfully to build, and here is how.


The brazbucks portfolio contains sites with unique concepts, our sites are targetted towards niches that convert like nothing else out there. Reality themed, oily anal sex, huge tits and rough interracial sex: all those are obvious winners. Surfers crave our sites, the 2.95$ trials make the sale super easy. With our one click upgrades, it makes it almost too easy to sell.


Over the long period of time we have been developing the sites in our portfolio we have gathered very elaborate stats as to which model should be located at which position, which tour style does best etc. We have put together a strategy that makes our tours convert, day in and day out. Our tours have very specific Selling points that work. Test it and see the results for yourself.


One look at our network of sites and members areas and you can easily see that our sites retain like no other. Members get access to 10 + exclusive paysites, each updated on a weekly basis. This is one of our programs strong points, and it allows us to offer $25 Per Trial.
Our retention rates are absolutely insane, definitly amongst the best in the industry.
With our 60% payouts, its not rare that our affiliates make over 40-50$ per signup.


This is definitly one aspect of the game where we stand out. We have over 100 gigs of free content for you to use, you are sure to never have to use the same set twice. One of the main concern we had while developing the program was saturation, we are doing everything to avoid it. We offer our affiliates fresh content almost every day, we have thousands of hosted galleries for you to use. Our Quality Free hosted galleries are designed and made to sell. We have tons of banners and we will get you absolutely anything you need to make money with us.